Central Missouri Volleyball Club

WELCOME to the Central Missouri Volleyball Club - CMVBC!

The Central Missouri Volleyball Club is proud to announce preparations for its 29th season!  CMVBC is a non-profit organization run by a Board of volunteers in the central Missouri area to provide competitive USA Volleyball from the Heart of America Region.


Summer Early Tryout Schedule - $5.00 fee

Location:   Knowles YMCA 424 Stadium Blvd, JC MO 65101
Date:   Saturday, July14, 2018
    14s  1pm - 3pm
    15s  3:15pm - 5:15pm
Date:   Sunday, July 15, 2018
    16s  12:30pm - 2pm
    17s   2:15pm - 3:45pm
    13s   4pm - 6pm
Coaching staff announced for 2018-19 season:
11's - Bill Wolters
12's - Dave Harris
13's - Greg Wingrath
14's - Dean Kempker
15's - Paul Dupuis & Amie Conway
16's - Tracy Quinn & Wayne Strope
17's - Eli Sandbothe & Kim Schellman
We are planning on having November tryouts for the 11s and 12s age groups!

All CMVBC teams are open and not carried over; Acceptance is a binding contract with any club to play USA Volleyball.  


Questions?  Email jcbonedoc@gmail.com 

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2017-18 CMVBC Board of Directors



Paul Dupuis, President                               Lynne Millard, Vice President

Janice Hoerber, Treasurer                         Leslie Crane, Merchandise Coordinator

Bethany Herrbold, Team Rep Liaison       Paul Dupuis, Coaches Liaison              

Wendy Buschjost, PR/Media Rep               Bill Wolters, Practice Facilities Coordinator

Amie Conway, Secretary                            Keith Dudenhoeffer, Member at Large     



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CMVBC Alumna Playing at the Next Level

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Select a Summer Volleyball Camp!

Do you wonder how some players are just better at volleyball than others?  How are you going to be the best player that you can be?  Click HERE for some ideas about selecting a summer Volleyball Camp!

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Central Missouri Volleyball Club

The Central Missouri Volleyball Club (CMVBC) is a junior girls club committed to the promotion of volleyball. CMVBC is "not for profit" and is governed by a board of elected officials. Since the early 1990's, CMVBC has maintained competitive teams in the USA Volleyball Association (USAV) Juniors Division. CMVBC teams consist of juniors, ages 10 through 18, which travel regionally from Illinois to Kansas. Multiple teams have travelled to California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida to attend national volleyball events.

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