Central Missouri Volleyball Club

Club and Board Information

The Central Missouri Volleyball Club (CMVBC) is a junior girls club committed to the promotion of volleyball. CMVBC is "not for profit" and is governed by a board of elected officials. Since the early 1990's, CMVBC has maintained competitive teams in the USA Volleyball (USAV) Juniors Division under the Heart of America Region (HOA). CMVBC teams consist of juniors, ages 10 through 18, that travel regionally from Illinois to Kansas. Multiple teams have travelled to California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida to attend national volleyball events.

CMVBC teams maintain rigorous schedules from December through May. Many teams have attended the Missouri Show-Me State Games in June and July. Each team may practice from one to three nights a week depending on gym availability and team level. Most CMVBC athletes compete on their respective high school volleyball teams and some are accepted to play in college programs. CMVBC coaches are USAV certified, provided training, and are dedicated to increasing the level of play for area volleyball.

CMVBC Schedule

  • The CMVBC season begins on the first Sunday of November or the weekend after the Missouri High School State Volleyball Championships, whichever is later. An open door informational meeting is chaired by the previous season's president. All parents and interested parties are invited to attend.
  • One or two open gym times are provided for all junior girls interested in playing on CMVBC teams. These may be scheduled to start in late October for younger ages, and the first and second Sundays in November. CMVBC coaches will be present to facilitate the open gym activities/drills. This is also an opportunity to be observed by coaches in an environment which is less stressful than tryouts.
  • Two weekends of tryouts are normally scheduled in early November. Attendees are put through drills demonstrating each basic skill of volleyball (i.e. serving, passing/digging, setting, attacking, and blocking) on a one-on-one basis. An alternate tryout date is available by appointment for participants unable to attend due to illness or high school activities conflicts. Players are picked in a draft style selection based upon many factors, including tryout scores and positional needs of each team. The teams are picked in order by the coach of the oldest age group to the youngest. Players may be given the opportunity to play on an older age group's team particularly if they fall within the top three scores.
  • Election of new officers is held before the general membership (2nd Parent meeting) scheduled late November or early December.
  • Practices may start in December or January depending on the team level.
  • Tournament play normally begins in January and will last until May.
  • Regional Championships are normally scheduled in late April and are located in the Kansas City Area.

CMVBC Officers of the Board

December 1 thru November 30 (annually)

President (president@cmvbc.org) Paul Dupuis

Vice President


Janice Hoerber


Treasurer Bethany Herrbold

Coaches Liaison (jcbonedoc@gmail.com)

Practice Facilities Coordinator

Paul Dupuis

Bill Wolters

Team Rep Liaison Open
Secretary Amie Conway
Public Relations/Media Rep Wendy Buschjost
Member-At-Large Keith Dudenhoeffer
Merchandise Coordinator Leslie Crane

Next CMVBC Board Meeting:  November, 2019

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